Malaysia Auto Products (MAP) specializes in the manufacturing of molded rubber parts and polyurethane castings for various industries. MAP has been producing thousands of unique parts for over 30 years, in large and small production volumes.

MAP is well known for its highly reliable Rubber-to-Metal Bonded Products such as Engine Mounts or Anti-vibrational Mounts, locally and outside of Malaysia. Even though many of these parts are for the replacement market, many customers feel that these parts are as good as the OEM ones.

MAP has extensive experience and expertise in making high quality Engine Dipstick Grommet, high wear-resistance Brake or Accelerator Pedal Rubber Pad, Thermoplastic Brake Switch Cushion for PROTON. These products meet and at times surpass the stringent OEM technical specifications. Most of these specifications are based on Japanese Automaker’s specifications such as the Mitsubishi’s specifications. MAP has a special manufacturing process for the Engine Dipstick Grommet which is unique in the world.

Whether they are Engine Mounts, Bushings or other molded elastomeric products, MAP always believes in making reliable and good quality products for all customers, big or small.